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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gahndi can kick ASHes ass anyday

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
Mahatma Gandhi

If Gandhi was right, the following scenario becomes a concern for the industrial socialist war room.

Recent demands of ASH for smoker bans in the workplace could result in some unintended benefits to those employed by companies following the ASH dictates. In an employee-employer relationship, it could be shown if an employer directs the actions of their employee during out of plant hours; how can the employer deny, the employee is not off the clock.

This leads to the reality; two thirds of employee’s wages along with applicable overtime, is not being compensated.

We go beyond this; the liability of workers compensation boards would have to pay compensation to anyone falling off a ladder cleaning the eave troughs or claims of twisted wrists on the golf course. Compensation boards to rectify the situation would have to fine employers for under estimation of hours and wages. Insurance costs to employers would soar as a tripling of operating hours a job is suddenly a 24-7 career akin to compensated slavery. Liability for employees injured on the job, companies being associated with criminal activities during paid hours, drinking on the job and other unforeseen liabilities, resulting in litigation to separate actions of the employee from actions of the company will emerge.

The labor unions would of course be the major supporters of ASH in these endeavors, if not, they should be. If a union representing say 100,000 employees took, employers to court to reclaim the unpaid wages Union dues alone on those payments could amount to hundreds of millions of unclaimed compensation for services already provided.

Insurance companies forced to pay for litigation efforts will in support of smokers bans be paying hundreds of billions in liability claims. lawyers will keep this point unresolved in courts for decades increasing profits to the legal industry. Stock markets will be unstable as well as rumors fly and increase dramatically fluctuations in stock values by the minute. The effect of lobby groups, will seen as the cause of instability, Industry lobbies will be heavily regulated or outlawed many prominent advocates and their benefactors found to be profiting from provocations will result in long term partners being pitted against each other in litigious battles decidedly favoring the larger industry bankrolls and ability to buy the best representation. Many advocates will be arrested and sued.

The medical charities and doctors will, although not likely to be hanged this time around, for deliberate ignorance of autonomy laws will suffer immeasurably (Cigarette smoke being defined as tobacco smoke along with the inclusion of smokeless products fails miserably the test of informed consent.) The entire medical community will pay through loss of credibility for decades having gone down the same road again a second time after seeing the effects of the last political healthcare campaign, how could they ever rise to a level of trust again. Heavy regulation and arrests will also no doubt follow.

Who will laugh last will be the last man standing, as industries legislate themselves into oblivion, to suit the rewards of greed. The financiers of bans seeking to take market share in the nicotine market may ultimately be the largest losers as other major industries seek revenge, likely originating from the actions of a single CE who doesn’t like the smell of smoke.

With all this money flying around short term, increases in taxation and costs of goods, this will result in an eventual catastrophic deflation resulting eventually in higher standards of living for all. as large industries cash reserves deplete returning cash into the common market.

Free spending Liberalism with high costs and impositions gaining the fascist reputation will once again be put down to the level of faint support. They will remain marked for decades as dictators. Conservatives will fail to be seen as the only political option as they too are responsible for rise of the chaotic community, in respect to other options. Smaller parties based in community values regionally will form coalition governments to hold the reins of power. Protection of one’s body will return to a matter of personal choices as common sense and community values once again are left to regulate democracy and freedom.

Yes Gandhi really did know how to kick some ass.



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