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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ethics cleansing

I would like to take this opportunity to advise all interested parties; in my opinion the CDC, The World Health Organization the Surgeon General of the United states, along with the throngs of stakeholders involved in stealing public funds to distribute the lies are all murderers and guilty of international coercive activities detrimental to the public good causing thousands of unnecessary deaths and disease in their misleading promotions. Planned depraved indifference, in categorized health groups dispensing illegal acts of social cleansing.

As the surgeon General pointed out tobacco smoke is not safe in any quantity or exposure level he failed to mention, it could be much safer if he did his job competently, as described in protecting the health of the public, all of the public.

As proof I offer you research of the physical variety, which should be more convincing than the calculations of biased political opinions.

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) comprise one of the major classes of carcinogenic compounds in mainstream cigarette smoke.

From Brazil

In only one country, Brazil, were the carcinogenic TSNA levels in mainstream smoke from Marlboro cigarettes significantly lower than in the locally popular brand. However, carcinogenic TSNA levels in mainstream smoke from Brazilian Marlboro cigarettes were usually lower than those in mainstream smoke from the Marlboros purchased in the other 13 countries, suggesting a reason for the difference. The wide range of mainstream smoke carcinogenic TSNA levels measured in the present study (8.7-312 ng/cigarette) suggest that manufacturers can lower the carcinogenic TSNA levels and that, for similar filter ventilation, carcinogenic TSNA levels in the tobacco filler of a cigarette are a useful indicator of the corresponding levels in mainstream smoke.

First, the World health organization in conjunction with the CDC in examining Winston brand cigarettes sold in 14 different countries found a huge differential in carcinogenic toxins in the products tested, yet took no actions although they knew the manufacturers could alter the ingredients to make the products 97% carcinogen reduced. Nor did they advise the public of crucial information which could substantially impact public health.. What did they do? The surgeon General made public statements advising the public there is no safe cigarette purposefully leading the public to believe at the same time there were no safer cigarettes which the Surgeon Generals office knew existed and failed to disclose. The international rights of the population who smoke as well as those concerned for their health as a result of second hand smoke exposure, are being violated in cold and clinical depraved indifference..

This is a fact known as early as 1989-1990 when comparative testing was done of 170 brands in the USA and Europe and replicated in a multitude of similar tests done since. All seem to agree the quantity of NNN and NNK pre-existing is although significantly dependant on Nitrate levels, Carcinogens were found to be much higher in local North American brands. Those amounts could be changed if the will was expressed. It was apparently not important enough to protect a population group comprising 25% of the total population in order to sell smoking patches and promote unnecessary smoking bans having no impact overall; in public health or reduced mortality risk. in dispensing false and misleading propaganda in a deceit of the general population.

The so called denormalizing of an industry has been seen to be completely focused on a punishment of consumers based on what is said to be an addiction. Tobacco industries earn more profits in a reduced sales environment with such efforts as tobacco settlements being passed along with huge taxation to those same consumers leaving the Tobacco industry unharmed in those actions. The no safe cigarette song is gladly repeated by tobacco industry spokesmen in opening of trade barriers to cheaper more toxic products. In undermining national growing and curing regulations specific to countries in which their products are sold. Executives of big tobacco who know; belief and acceptance of no safe cigarette would remove all product regulation responsibilities from them. If there is no safe cigarette, there is of course no motivation to make them safer and no penalty could ever be imposed and enforced for dispensing more harmful products or in punishing the potential harm they may cause. They could now include anthrax if they found an advantage in it’s use, and remain within the confines of legal business practices and above the scrutiny of the public..

The Tobacco industry last year attempted to launch a toxin reduced product which was met with a huge opposition from groups such as ASH who tell the public in essence the concept is not possible or would it be beneficial, speaking volumes as to the motivations of ASH. Dismissing huge potential in reduced toxic effect as useless, despite the fact science tells us otherwise. ASH also aims to have smokers restricted from gaining employment, Housing and even access to one’s own children. In viewing the WHO research which showed no increased risk to children who live with smoking parents, a lot of urban legends seem to be emulating from this well financed lobby.

The reality is the mortalities we see today are a result of smoking in the 60s in the majority if everyone quit smoking today they would still be tabulating smoking related diseases in the year 2060 reductions in toxins in product regulation can have a huge impact on those mortalities within weeks or months. If the health promotions are legitimately to reduce mortalities aggressive steps should be underway to regulate the product and not to punishing it’s victims.

From the conclusions;

The results demonstrated that there is no correlation between TSNA and tar deliveries in mainstream smoke. The TSNA deliveries in mainstream smoke depend on the amount or preformed TSNA in the actual tobacco composition, which is influenced by the nitrate level of the tobacco and the tobacco type. According to these results the tar delivery, although crucial, is not a sufficient index for the biological activity and the carcinogenic potential of cigarette smoke. Reduction of TSNA exposure can be achieved by selecting tobaccos with low levels of preformed TSNA in tobacco, which means a low nitrate content and reduction of the amount of Burley tobaccos and stems in blended cigarettes.

The lies of so called health care professionals are easily found for instance, in the 50% of smokers they claim will die of their habit, a lie. Anyone with a calculator who takes the population base of Canada in 1960 54% smokers or 8.1 million in keeping with the CSP11 and SAMMEC research we find over 90% of the 50% who will die in the smoking related disease categories, in a 30 year time span between 50 and 80 years of age. If we take half of the total smokers and divide by 30 we should see a number of total mortalities who die of smoking related diseases 90% of that figure would tell you the number who should die this year of smoking related mortality

Check my math I came up with 135,000 total and 121,500 annually over 50, within the 30 year time frame ending in 14 years time. A long way from the 44,000 + 3000 ETS mortalities claimed. Almost 3 times as many. We would consider the one sixth of smokers number demonstrated as a time line observation in the perspective of using the numbers of actual mortalities given. We must consider the number to be even at that fraction, to be grossly exaggerated as; the more than 90% who do not die as a result of smoking, many do actually die in those same smoking related disease categories as well, although the numbers are clearly not well known or distributed.

This can be directly associated to the level of enthusiasm within a determined self serving group, in one lie feeding another until the story is without reasonable proportion. Now consider, of those who did die of smoking related diseases, had they been using carcinogen reduced tobacco how many lives of the initial 8.1 million could have been saved?

There is good reason for stakeholders to want to place the blame for cost and mortality on the consumer, in the incompetent regulation of a dangerous product. The huge tax grabs made possible in slandering a significant portion of the population while allowing thousands to die unnecessarily hardly sets a tone for confidence in government process. How long and hard did people have to fight for agent orange or gulf syndrome settlements? or in Canada for compensation of tainted blood victims? how hard will the same governments fight to keep this planned slaughter under wraps?

From the Canadian studies of products sold;

Twenty-five brands of Canadian commercial cigarettes were analyzed for tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA) in tobacco and in mainstream smoke as well as for nitrate in tobacco. Preformed N'-nitrosonor-nicotine (NNN) in the tobacco ranged from 265 ng to 979 ng/cigarette, preformed 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK) ranged from 465 ng to 878 ng/cigarette. The mainstream smoke concentration for NNN was between 5 ng and 39 ng/cigarette and for NNK between 5 ng and 97 Ng/cigarette. The nitrate levels were between 0.3 mg and 3.4 mg/cigarette. The NNK levels in tobacco and in mainstream smoke were higher than the NNN levels, which is typical for Virginia-type cigarettes. Based upon the average mainstream smoke concentration of the three most popular Canadian cigarette brands, an average TSNA delivery for 20 cigarettes of 0.7 micrograms NNN and 1.7 micrograms NNK can be calculated, which is less than the average for West German cigarettes.

Informed consent is the ability to make a free will choice determined by all relevant information being disclosed. Governments have failed in their duty to respect those rights and have in planned consensus with co conspirators withheld vital information for decades essential to health choices made by smokers in the use of a dangerous products which it appears those products were a lot more dangerous than they ever needed to be. Clearly there were choices to be made without information provided, choices based in toxin content could have determined manufactured changes through supply and demand in the absence of required regulation. That information was deliberately withheld in order to maintain tax levels and legitimize huge expenditures building networks of health care advocates to further control and tax innocent consumers through hate and slander in ad agency and media group purchases

Dispensing advice of no safe cigarette as easily dismissed as no safe water or air in respect to there is no safe anything, tells the public nothing. Telling the public there are safer cigarettes would have afforded choice In the information, by disclosing what is in a cigarette when contents changed, as they did many times. Decisions of product use could have been made prior to the time self inflicted harm occurred. The Government in Canada exaggerated the problem in mandating without disclosure of ingredients and potential risk, so called fire safe cigarettes. This in absence of clear disclosures toxic effect, amounts to human experimentation without informed consent. Illegal and deliberately deceptive in purchasing ad agency promotional materials to dispel any fears without truly knowing the level of harm those products could inflict. Certainly no smoker in the general public was ever clearly informed.

The Federal Government was elected in campaign promises to rebuild trust between the electorate and their chosen government officials. This is seen to be without merit when any citizen can go to the Health Canada website and see for themselves a process called social engineering; planned deceptions in ad agency spin to undermine the right of free will. The moralizing an ability to lie and deceive the public in purchased promotions similar to those employed and described in the Gomery Commission as sponsorships, which by the scale in comparison likely if true to form, stole much larger portions of Tax dollars.

There is little confidence in knowing the Canadian government receives information from the same American government lying their own people in order to suit the needs of competing industrial interests and increasing popularity in use of increased taxes to fill under funded community needs.

Those same cessation industries operate in Canada as well. By scale resulting mortalities in Canada are only 10% of those created in the States, however the numbers are still significant and inexcusable in international covenants regarding an apparent cull of smokers, who as the stakeholders state “refuse to quit”. In Ontario we heard shortly after the announcement of a planned smoking ban from the same health ministry a threat to smokers; “Quit or be punished” we now understand the full gravity of those threats against over 2 million citizens who live in Ontario and continue to smoke.

What's in Philip Morris International brands in Brazil?

What does the Canadian government monitor?

Hardly what you would call transparent, although six months ago even this information was held private and out of public view, while smoking continued by those who could have used it, in selecting safer brands.

I do not know of any source of Government information describing a quite different product sold in the States, distributed similarly, or at all in the public realm, which could be supplied readily by the American Government if demanded.


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